Client Testimonials

Thank you for all that you have done over the many years. I hold you in extremely high regard and always greatly appreciate your considered medical opinion.

Mr S.B.

Hertford (2023)

We’re truly so very grateful to you and in the knowledge that we are in such safe hands.

Mr & Mrs A.R.

Harlow (2023)

I wanted to say an enormous thank you to Dr Jagathesan for seeing my son. He has been worrying for the past 4 years as I explained to you and hasn’t really had any answers which has only increased his anxiety. Dr Jagathesan took so much of his time to explain and was absolutely marvellous with him. This has lifted a massive weight off his shoulders and indeed mine.

Mrs A.S.

Sawbrideworth (2023)

Thank you very much for the continued good service. I am very pleased I used your practice for the tests. Excellent service was received.

Mr C.E.

Welling, Kent (2023)

Please pass on my huge thanks to Dr Jagathesan. He was simply amazing tonight. His clear conversation with my friend and his thorough research before we met are truly appreciated. She benefited hugely from this appointment and as always he was so professional and helpful. Thank you so much.

Mrs A.P.

Broxbourne (2023)

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for your time, it was really appreciated. Good humour balanced with a sensible, reassuring and common sense approach.

Mr M.P.

Ware (2023)

I would just like to thank you for your part in my recovery. I am feeling a lot fitter. I hadn't realised how much my heart was affecting my general health. Thanks once again. Much appreciated.

Mr S.P.

Woodford Green (2023)

Please convey my grateful thanks to Dr. Jagathesan for all his kindness and help in diagnosing and treating me and for the fitting of the pacemaker. I am very grateful for all he has done for me.

Mrs P.B.

Hoddesdon (2023)

Just to say a big thank you, We are so very grateful for all you have done for us. Sincerely in your debt.

Mr K.H.

Harlow (2023)

It is no exaggeration to say that Dr Jagathesan has got me moving twice in the last 10 years. In 2011/2012 I was fortunate to be referred to Dr Jagathesan and, after rapid consultations and tests - the most appropriate form of treatment being the insertion of several stents. The follow up care was also excellent and from 2012 until this year I had no further issues. In 2022 I had a recurrence of the symptoms and had no hesitation in returning to Dr Jagathesan once again to see if he could assist. Dr Jagathesan saw me almost immediately and inserted a further stent, which solved the problem. It is fair to say that Dr Jagathesan has returned me to normal life twice in recent years. His medical excellence, along with his seemingly boundless energy and positive attitude, means that I and my family will always be grateful to him and I would have no hesitation in recommending his service to others should the need arise.

Mr G.T

Bishops Stortford (2022)

Just a quick note to say thank you to you (Gilly) and Dr Jagathesan for sorting everything so quickly. He is such a lovely man. Always makes me feel a lot better when I see him. Even if it is news I do not want to hear, he always tells in such away that I know how and what to focus on next. He is worth his weight in gold!!

Mr B.J

Harlow (2022)

Thank you very much for everything you have done for my father. Don’t tell him but we all think your husband is brilliant.

Mr S.F

Harlow (2022)

Thank you for all your help and assistance. You went far and beyond for me and my heartfelt thanks goes out to both of you.

Mr E.B

Epping (2022)

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all you have done and a massive thank you for getting me sorted out. You are excellent!

Mrs M.B

Bishops Stortford (2022)

Many thanks Dr Jagathesan, it hasn’t felt at all stressful because of your support and understanding of the aviation industry throughout this process.

Mrs G.W

Bishops Stortford (2022)

Please accept this email as my extreme thanks to you both, in every sense, total professionalism, efficiency, clear understanding and care.

Mr K.R

Saffron Walden (2022)

I wish to place on record my sincere appreciation for the professional and speedy manner in which you have dealt with my problem. I cannot thank you enough for your efforts.

Mr B.C

Dunmow (2022)

I feel now is the right time to resign and retire from commercial aviation. During my heart issue period you have been immensely supportive and helpful. I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me over the years.

Mr P.R

Peterborough (2022)

I can’t explain how helpful and reassuring you have been. Thank you again. Your patient care is amazing and appreciated.

Mrs A.B

Harlow (2022)

I’m glad I came to you first-hand as I would still be waiting for the NHS referral with trepidation. You’ve put my mind at ease and I thank you for your kind and prompt attention to my concerns.

Mrs S.C

Harlow (2022)

Thank you for everything. I do appreciate you and Gilly's care and kindness and I wish you both a very Happy New Year!

Mrs J.B

Bishops Stortford (2022)

I have had the privilege, honour and good fortune to have been a patient of Rohan for almost 10 years. His approach has always been open, holistic and supportive. About 9 years ago and after I had met him only once, I was rushed into A and E with a heart problem, after a few days it dawned on me to email him (on a Sunday) to get some advice, within an hour I was approached by the hospital sister, Rohan had been on the phone and a care and action plan agreed (whilst he was off with his family). From then on, from support after a cardiac arrest I had 4 years ago and up until now, he hasn't looked for the quick fix and the obvious answer but for the right plan, diagnosis and importantly he has referred me to a range of other specialists which has, over time, enabled me to get many diagnosis and the best quality of life possible in my difficult situation. He has been there for my wife when she has had concerns and queries and for me, he is a rock of support not just in health terms but with his excellent mental and emotional support. Every other patient, colleague and member of staff around Rohan, share the same view, this speaks so much about his beside manner and true approach to the care of his patients and all those around him. Rohan, I cannot thank you or recommend you highly enough.

Mr L.C

Hatfield Heath (2021)

The time has come for me to write and thank you for looking after me (and my heart) since I first came to see you at the Rivers Hospital. It has been quite a long journey, but I have every confidence that my pacemaker will keep my heart rate within normal bounds. If not, I know where to come for an adjustment!

Mr H.N

Much Hadham (2021)

At such a time I cannot thank you enough for all you did for me. I was pleased to see you again Rohan, not least for your quiet wisdom.

Mr P.M

Warwick (2021)

Just wanted to say Happy New Year and a thank you, I received my Aviation medical certificate today and although it did take its time it would not have happened without all your help.

Mr B.H

Dunmow (2021)

I made it (to 100)! Thanks to your skills and caring. HM Remembered me!

Mr J.T

Harlow (2021)

Thank you! Please express our sincere gratitude to Rohan for his caring and authoritative approach in dealing with our medical. We all wish to express our sense of immense appreciation in the way Rohan and you have handled the investigations and all the genuine support and high level of professionalism you have provided to us. We remain indebted.

Mr I.A

Elsenham (2021)

Thank you for being so splendid.

Mr A.D

Bishops Stortford (2021)

Just a quick update on my mother in law. She is feeling fantastic (after her stent) and has just walked to the shops and “skipped back” because she felt so good! She is turning 90 on Sunday – There can’t be many people who start a new fun chapter of life at 90. Thanks for your support – She is your biggest fan!

Mrs L.G

Bishops Stortford (2021)

This is just a small gift in appreciation for all your skill, help and kindness that you and the TAVI team gave to me during my procedure at Basildon in February 2021. I have a new life again and I will always be thankful to you.

Mr G.L

Chelmsford (2021)

I had my “Pacemaker” fitted along with the monitoring device. The procedure was painless and I feel much better now mentally and physically. Thank you for your considerable help and advice throughout.

Mr P.H

Hoddesdon (2020)

Sitting here in France, I raise a toast to your personal health and happiness and to thank you for your care and the kindness shown to me by you and your staff.

Mr C.S

Dunmow (2020)

Today I was issued my EASA Class 1 Medical, I would just like to thank you both for your support during the past 15 months. It is very much appreciated. Back to work now!!

Mr P.R

Lincolnshire (2020)

We are so lucky to have met you. Thank you for looking after us. Dr Jagathesan is such a lovely man.

Mr D.H

Chelmsford (2020)

I am sorry for the highly unoriginal nature of this thank you gift but I can’t thank you enough for seeing Mum. We all feel hugely reassured with her in your care after what has been an extremely trying time.

Mrs M.R

Harlow (2020)

Both of us would like to thank you very much for making the time to see me and for investigating my symptoms so thoroughly. We both appreciate your professional attention and kindness greatly.

Mrs K.D

Ware (2020)

Thank you and Gilly for setting up and then meeting yesterday. It was brilliantly informative with so much wisdom and insight. It was my first job today to write arguably the most sincere thoughts that I could before plunging back into the archives at the University.

Mr P.M

Warwick (2020)

Next week I will be 99 years old. Thank you for looking after me and for keeping me so well for all of these years. I feel blessed to have known you.

Mr J.T

Harlow (2020)

The CAA reinstated my unrestricted pilots license today, which is fantastic news. Thank you very much for all of your assistance, as without your response being so speedy, comprehensive and detailed there is no way I could have returned to flying in such a short space of time. It was a ‘challenging’ episode in my career, but great to have got it all sorted out in order to be able to go flying next week - and also to have had a comprehensive check-up of my heart in the process!

Mr P.C

Bishops Stortford (2020)

I took advice and went to see Dr. Jagathesan at The Rivers. Never was a private medical fee better spent. What a wonderful doctor! He listened to all we said and then changed my medication and I am already starting to get my old energy levels back… All a bit “modified rapture” but, as I say to kind people who ask after my health, “I am a lot better that I deserve to be.” Once again, thank you very much indeed.

Mr M.B

Harlow (2020)

I would like to say thank you to you and all of your team for the excellent treatment that I have received on all occasions.

Mrs S.C

Ongar (2019)

The real purpose of this email is to thank you very much for all your time, consultations and finally the fitting of the pacemaker. It certainly seems to have done the trick.

Mr J.S

Bishops Stortford (2019)

Here I am, just had my 98th birthday and apart from slowing down physically I am keeping well and enjoyable a reasonable social life still. Thank for taking care of my heart for these long many years.

Mr J.T

Harlow (2019)

Thank you for your kind attention to my recent poor health. I realise that you were also supporting me in PAH making sure that I was seen to.

Mrs M.A

Harlow (2019)

You have given me the best news in a long time. Thank you so much for your help and God bless you!!!

Mrs L.M

Bishops Stortford (2019)

I wish to express my eternal gratitude to you for the work that you did prior to the formal TAVI, which was absolutely vital in giving me the best possible outcome from the procedure. Your performance during the procedure was simply exceptional and of the highest professional standard. I am indebted for all that you did for me and my family.

Mr R.R

Wickford (2019)

Thank you so much for your attention today it is very much appreciated. The old ticker seems to have responded satisfactorily so I am hopeful it will be a longish term cure. The CTC facility is really fantastic run by a very nice group of people.

Mr B.B

Waltham Abbey (2019)

Thank you both for the wonderful way you look after me.

Mr M.W

Barnet (2019)

I mentioned to Rohan last year that I always imagine an extra place at all our family get together especially at Christmas. I know the person will not come and the place will not be taken but it is always there, for the man who saved and extended my time on this earth. On the plus side I also have a place and am blessed and happy to take it and see the happy gathering of my growing family as they laugh, fight and love each other. Thanks for being there when I needed you guys. I think of you fondly and really do appreciate all (in business speak, the service you provide) you have done for me and the way that you have done it.

Mr G.H

Harlow (2019)

It seems, fingers crossed, that I won’t see you until this time next year so this is a good time to thank you for all you have done for me. I wouldn’t have believed how good the pacemaker is. And, of course, before that you have master-minded so much more. I first saw you in 2012 I believe and a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then. To say I am grateful to you is a massive understatement. I soon came to like and admire you very much but most of all I appreciate your straight talking and sense of humour at what would otherwise have been difficult times.

Mr J.R

Royston (2019)

1. Professional approach. I know I am being treated by someone who is experienced, knowledgeable and on 'top of his game’. This gives me confidence - vital if your ‘anxious’! 2. I have full trust in your decision making. All decisions have been correct and gives me great peace of mind - takes away any uncertainty.

Mr P.C

Bishops Stortford (2018)

Thank you. I am very impressed with everything.

Mr R.C

Hertford (2018)

I am deeply grateful. Dr Jagathesan is a brilliant man and I always appreciate his time.

Mr B.G

Harlow (2018)

I would like to say thank you to Dr Jagathesan, Gilly and the team for the excellent treatment that I have received on all occasions.

Mrs S.C

Ongar (2018)

May I just thank Dr Jagathesan for his absolutely first-class care - and for such a thorough explanation of procedures and risk factors, both for me and for my partner and my daughter.

Mr J.B

Dunmow (2018)

Your support, kindness and expertise in giving Dad so many extra good years has been marvellous. I know how much he and indeed all of us valued and respected your superb professionalism and pragmatism.

Mrs L.P

Bishops Stortford (2018)

I just wanted to say thank you so much. I am so appreciative of your time and your approach that I just wanted to thank you, very much, for being fantastic.

Mr C.B

Chelmsford (2018)

Thank you very much for seeing my mother and for your very kind and considerate explanation regarding her present condition. Both my brother and I appreciated your honesty and sympathetic approach.

Mrs A.S

Much Hadham (2018)

I just wanted to write to thank you. I really really appreciate your help and am so grateful to you for listening and helping me find out and fixing what has been happening to me for so long.

Mrs R.H

Puckeridge (2018)

Just can't thank you enough. Thank you for your kindness. Your very valuable skills were highly appreciated.

Mr L.G

Sawbridgeworth (2018)

I wanted to write a letter of thanks for the care you have provided to me. I came to you a couple of years ago following readings of high blood pressure at an insurance medical. At the time I was very concerned about this health condition. You were very reassuring and provided me with some suggested lifestyle changes and prescribed medicine. I have you to thank that I now have normal blood pressure. Your approach as a doctor is very caring and highly competent.

Mr J.D

Bishops Stortford (2017)

Thank you for the very speedy way you looked after my issue – exemplary medical care!

Mr C.H

Bury St Edmunds (2017)

I would like to say a big thank you for the treatment that I received during my time I have been a patient with you. My condition was diagnosed very quickly and you helped resolve my health issue. Thank you for your professionalism and care, your explanations of what I would expect from the treatment and making yourself available to answer any questions I had at any time.

Mr P.S

Harlow (2017)

Atrial fibrillation was a frightening experience for me. My decision to make an appointment with Dr Jagathesan turned that around. As my consultant cardiologist, he examined me, and quickly put me in the picture. He listened to my story with empathy, reassured me and described likely outcomes. That first consultation relieved me of so much stress and I returned to a normal heart beat within hours. The follow up appointment and treatment was prompt, professional and a 'heartening' experience.

Mr D.W

Ware (2017)

I just wanted to say a huge thanks to Gilly and Rohan for the organisation and the procedure yesterday. It was so quick and painless, and I now hope we can get to the bottom of the reasons for my blackouts. Thanks also to the medical and nursing team at the hospital in Basildon. They were all superb!

Mr R.T

Hertford (2017)

Only slowly the good news starts to sink into my brain and I am well aware that I have to thank you for my progress. Your care and the right medication have made me stronger and now confident again to look and go forward. Thank you very much in my name and that of my family.

Mrs G.B.T

France (2017)

Please extend my thanks to Dr Jagathesan for his usual courtesy and professional advice. I shall look forward to seeing him again in approximately 3 years!

Mr J.B

Bishops Stortford (2017)

Just to say a massive "thank you" for the referral to Rohan. He saw me Friday night, made appointment for angiogram today, and in bed now recovering after having four stents done ... The man is the consummate professional.

Mr K.N

Epping (2017)

Thank you for caring for my husband. The kindness shown by everyone at Rivers is overwhelming. I know we all felt safe once he was in your care. Please thank Gilly for putting up with me! Patients are all the better for coming into your care.

Mr D.H

Ware (2017)

Thank you so much for your care and for looking after me with my pacemaker, for which I shall ever be indebted.

Mr P.H

Wansted (2017)

Please accept this small token of my thanks for all the care that you have shown me. I will never forget your compassion and generosity.

Mrs C.T

Harlow (2017)

I wanted to thank you for your help for me over the last few months. I have now had the ablation and so far I've had no symptoms. I have appreciated your care and concern. Thank you.

Mrs B.E

Dunmow (2016)

I have been seeing Dr Jagathesan for a few months and the treatment I have received has been first class! Not only has he helped me resolve the health issue I was referred to him for, he also helped diagnose other unrelated matters and referred me to the right consultants to treat me. He looks at the whole person! Not just what's in front of him in test results. Can't recommend him highly enough.

Mrs B.C

Hoddesdon (2016)

I would like to thank you for everything you have done during the time I have been your patient. From the first day to the last, you have shown enormous professionalism and care, not only by explaining what I would expect from tests and treatments (also the very calm and clear way you have done it) but also for making yourself available to answer any queries I had, at any time. This is also extensive to your secretary Gilly, that came back to me promptly in regards to managing the appointments I had to make in the last couple of months. You are a true testament to your profession and I couldn’t wish for a better Cardiologist to look after me. Many thanks for your Service.

Mr A.S

Hertford (2016)

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and support over recent months. I've really appreciated it. Following my initial scare you did a brilliant job to diagnose the problem and swiftly decide on a course of action.

Mr S.G

Broxbourne (2016)

I would like to thank you both so much for the wonderful care, advice and help that you have given to both of us. What would we do without you.

Mrs L.R

Harlow (2016)

It seems to me right at this time and remiss for not doing so earlier, to write and thank you, Gilly and your cardiology team most sincerely for the exemplary and competent continous care that you have afforded me over the last five years.

Mr J.C

Bishops Stortford (2016)

Thank you for the care and thoughtful consideration that you have given me through the the year.

Mrs K.O

Hatfield Heath (2016)

May I thank you and your colleagues for the outstanding attention that I have received. You have a most excellent team.

Mr D.S

Sawbridgeworth (2016)

Thank you so much for everything. Your patience with me was much appreciated and your kind manner in understanding my nervousness. You have been great!!

Mr C.B

South Woodham Ferrers (2016)

Many thanks for all your help in getting my husband back on the road to recovery. It is very much appreciated.

Mr R.M

Bishops Stortford (2016)

Thanks a million.

Mr B.C

Benfleet (2016)

Thank you for all your care and attention during the past year. It has been much appreciated. Thank you for giving me so much confidence in getting better.

Mr D.W

Bishops Stortford (2015)

I am happy to say that the way that you discussed the options and your recommendations kept me fully informed and engaged in the process all the way through, and the speed at which the whole thing progressed meant that although worrying, the time for worry was brief and led to a good outcome. At all times I felt like an individual (as opposed to just another case), that my long term quality of life was being considered in addition to any immediate treatment that might be needed, and that if any further treatment had been needed that there would have been enough time and care dedicated to that conversation to give me an informed choice. Had the scans not been so kind, I would not have wanted to progress with anyone else. I hope that your clinic continues to grow successfully, and have no hesitation in recommending your services to my friends and family (and indeed already have done so on more than one occasion).

Mr D.P

Bishops Stortford (2015)

Thank you very much for your prompt help and excellent care.

Dr R.B

Bishops Stortford (2015)

I AM reassured! Many thanks, you've been great.

Miss C.T

Ongar (2015)

Thank you for the quick and efficient way in which my concerns have been sorted. It has been an excellent experience.

Mr S.B

Ware, Herts (2015)

Thank you for saving my life.

Mrs J.R

Dunmow (2015)

Our members appreciated Dr Jagathesan sparing the time to talk to us and the frank and cogent way he answered our questions. Many have already been, and lots more of us are likely to be beneficiaries of the services of this star of the medical profession.

Stortford Rotary (2015)

May I once again thank you for time and valued help. I am very privileged for all you wonderful care and greatly indebted to you.

Mrs L.R

Harlow (2015)

I am smiling again - Thanks to Dr Rohan Jagathesan. When we met at the end of December 2013 he saw immediately that I had suffered severe heart failure. I am alive only through Dr Jagathesan's rapid diagnosis and decision making on necessary examinations and medical procedures. He was honest about my condition and reassuring at the same time in accompanying me on the yearlong way to recovery.

Mrs G.B.T

Broxbourne (2015)

Thank you both for all your help. Your secretary Gilly has been so helpful and you have been amazing in looking after me.

Mrs C.Z

Hertford (2014)

We would like to thank you once again for the excellent care that you have given to R. It is very reassurring to all the family that you have made sure that he is fit to have his next operation.

Mr & Mrs R.M

Ongar (2014)

Thank you for giving me my life back.

Mrs J.H

Epping (2014)

Thank you so much for all your kindness, patience and understanding that you have shown my wife and I.

Mr C.M

Bishops Stortford (2014)

We just wanted to say a 'Huge Thank You' for without you this wouldn't have happened.

Mr & Mrs S.A

Theydon Bois, Essex (2014)

Thank you for all your recent assistance. Your attention and for so promptly carrying out your investigations is much appreciated. Your arrangement of further tests to a gratifying outcome is a considerable relief both to me and to my wife. Thank you very much indeed.

Mr W.S

Stansted (2014)

Thank you for your care and support throughout the past 8 years. Your careful management of my health and regular liaising with other consultants, regarding my other health issues, have helped me greatly. Without your care and support I would not have been able to carry on teaching. As you know I love being in the classroom and your continued excellent care has aided this.

Mrs A.P

Hoddesdon (2014)

Heartfelt gratitude for your understanding in the most appropriate way. That is such a fantastic skill to have!

Mrs O.M

Much Hadham (2014)

When I first had my heart problems I was quite worried especially about having a pacemaker fitted. Dr Jagathesan was very good in explaining the procedures and what would be happening and very soon put my fears at ease. The procedure was successful and I am delighted with how I now feel. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Jagathesan for any heart related issues.

Mrs S.S

Bishops Stortford (2014)

Thank you for seeing me last week and can I say that I felt I received first class care and advice from you. From the first time I met you, you put my mind at rest and I was impressed with the speed and expertise in which you dealt with my problem. I found that you spoke to me in a language that I easlity understood and at no stage was there any doubt in my mind as to what the requirements were. This is very important when seeing a consultant as obviously, it can be a worrying time for any patient. Once again, thank you very much for all your assistance in this matter.

Mrs P.W

Sawbridgeworth (2014)

From my first consultation with Dr Jagathesan I have always felt very comfortable with his advice and the necessary surgery he has undertaken to solve my health issues. I think he is one of the best surgeons I have ever seen in my life - very comforting and reassuring and his wife/secretary Gilly is always more than helpful.

Mr A.S

Bishops Stortford (2014)

I was more than happy with the first class care and service that I received. No stone was left unturned and my symptoms were investigated thoroughly to find the root of the problem and a feasible solution. What's more, I was provided with excellent feedback throughout the process to keep me informed and put my mind at ease via regular appointment check ups and contact via email.

Mr A.T

Epping (2014)

It has been a very thorough and reassuring experience. I am very grateful. Thanks again.

Mrs A.W

Grays (2014)

Thank you for your kindness consideration and excellent care over the past months.

Mrs M.C

Hoddesdon (2013)

I would like to say thank you very much for looking after me so well. I do appreciate the care you take and the style with which you conduct the appointments is always a pleasant experience and reassuring to me.

Mrs T.P

Hoddesdon (2013)

Words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for once again saving my life. You really are my superhero! Thank you so much for what you have done from the bottom of my 'stented' heart.

Mrs L.H

Harlow (2013)

I will be forever grateful to Dr.Jagathesan and his team....infact I am pretty sure he is sick of me saying so. If only all healthcare matters could be dealt with such genuine, care, trust and a good sense of humour....

Mrs K.H

Harlow (2013)

Thank you to both of you for your guidance, advice and support both before and throughout my pregnancy. I honestly would have struggled had I not been able to have the luxury of being able to contact you with all my concerns.

Miss K.H

Harlow (2013)

Thank you for all the care and attention you have given me over the past six months. I am especially grateful to you for your services.

Mr H.W

Bishops Stortford (2013)

Thank you very much for all your help and for putting me back on the road to good health.

Mr O.O

Dunmow (2013)

Thank you for seeing me at such short notice and for the very rapid way in which my results came through

Mrs J.E

Ware (2013)

Many Thanks for your kindness, consideration and understanding. It is much appreciated.

Mr C.M

Bishops Stortford (2013)

To Dr Jagathesan and all the Cardiac team - Thank you for everything.

Mr P.C

Harlow (2012)

Thank you for all your kindness, help and support.

Mrs G.B

Sawbridgeworth (2012)